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Keeping busy…

Well, our ROCK N ROAD 4X4 website is finally live, all that is left to do is to keep on loading more of our funky new products.

We currently have 63 products for you to choose from but we are adding new products every single day.

This includes adding to our existing range, so that means more sizes or colours of items already seen.  It also means we have many new products and categories in the pipe line.

Keep checking back to see our latest new and exciting additions from other world leading brands.

Remember, if you see a particular brand but not the exact product you want, simply call or email us and we will get it for you in a matter of days.

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Well, our new website is now up and running so feel free to keep popping in to check out our ever growing product range.

Our aim is to supply you with extremely high quality products from many world leading brands.  These include:

LED LENSER Torches, Peli Cases, ZARGES Aluminium Expedition boxes, B&W International Cases and The Mighty Australian brand – IRONMAN 4X4 Accessories to name but a few.

In addition to these well known names, we also have our very own in house design team creating vehicle specific webbing cargo nets and straps for your cargo control.  These range from nets for securing goods inside your vehicles load space to exterior nets for roof racks, trailers and pick-up truck load beds and even bonnets.

We also supply a very high quality range of cargo rails and accessories to complete your cargo control needs.

ALL our webbing nets are not only designed here in the UK but they are also made here by companies who manufacture for the MoD.  To keep things to a very high standard we only use Military Spec or aviation grade components in their assembly, many of which are used by the MoD, NATO and various law enforcement agencies.

It is because we design and manufacture only here in the UK, that we are also able to offer one-off nets for your exact requirements. This has been carried out several times whilst working closely with WEST COAST OFF ROAD CENTRE, who we have so far created several nets for various customers of theirs whilst West Coast have been prepping their vehicles for African expeditions.

We are now expanding our range of nets for many makes and models including Land Rover, the ever popular Toyota Land Cruisers and Hi-Lux models, Mercedes G-Wagens and the Mighty Uni-Mogs.

Quite simply, if you can not see a net to suit your vehicle, just ask. If it’s not already an item we stock, we will make it especially for you!

Please keep popping in as we are not even close to half way through loading our many other brands and products.

Meanwhile, feel free to either email or call us with your needs or any questions as we are always happy to assist you.

Last and by no means least, is a Huge thanks to David O’connell at ReallyGreenWordPress for building this awesome website in an incredible short space of time. Truly brilliant product and customer service! If you need a website, look no further!


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Welcome to our new website

Our brand new ROCK N ROAD 4X4™ web site is finally live but only 80% complete.
As you can see we have not loaded all our categories and products yet, but we are very close. Once complete, we will have well in excess of 200 World class products to offer.

Over the comings weeks and months we will be adding new products increasing our range to amount to a pretty awesome collection of specialist equipment for the vehicle based adventurer, rescuer or competitor.

At ROCK N ROAD 4X4™, we realise that your vehicle is as individual as you are, and that it has its own very specific needs.

To assist in your vehicle preparation, we can even offer to design and build one off Webbing Cargo Control items, whether you ride an adventure motorcycle, drive a 4×4, or even a full blown £250,000 expedition truck. In fact, what ever your vehicle, we have the gear to get you to your worldwide destination and back home, safely!

All our own design webbing products are manufactured here in the UK by companies producing similar equipment for the MoD and NATO using Military spec´ components.

Many of our externally sourced products are also supplied directly to the MoD, NATO and various law enforcement agencies from around the world.
In addition to these products, we also supply life saving rescue equipment supplied to us by the very same companies supplying land, sea and air rescue organisations.

For your complete satisfaction and confidence, we will only ever offer the best possible products available to us and will NEVER compromise on safety or quality.
Below is a list of just some of the organisations who use the same suppliers and products as us…

British Army, Royal Marines, R.A.F, U.S. Marines, NATO forces, UK Air Ambulance(HEMS), UK Land Ambulance and Paramedics, Motorcycle Paramedics, British Fire Brigades, U.S Fire Fighters, The RNLI, and Mountain Rescue teams to name just a few.

So, when we say our products are fit to go into battle, this is no exaggeration… many of them do!!!