GRAB HANDLE – HEAVY DUTY WEBBING x1 (Supplied Individually)


Heavy Duty Webbing, Replacement Grab Handles, with Heavy Duty, powder coated brackets.



Our Blunt Force Products Heavy Duty Webbing Grab Handles are designed to replace the original hard overhead and pillar mounted grab handles or to replace hard door handles.

Whether you are looking for a replacement Grab Handle for a bent or broken one, or just to replace the hard ones for soft ones, our Grab Handles are the perfect solution and a direct bolt-on replacement part.

Unlike factory hard handles, our Heavy Duty Webbing Grab Handles flex with you as your body weight shifts direction and angle as you pull up or lower down entering/exiting your vehicle.

For many Land Rover Defender owners, the hard door handle can become annoying at best, or painful at worst, rubbing against your leg/knee especially when off-roading, on long road trips, or overland expeditions. By replacing them with our Webbing Grab Handles, you have a soft Webbing Strap in its place.

They can also be bolted onto space frame buggy’s and race 4x4s and ATVs to aid vehicle entry/exit.

Supplied to some of the largest vehicle manufacturers worldwide, from civilian vehicle builders to Specialist Military and Law Enforcement Tactical Armoured vehicles.

Other great uses include heavy-duty bolt-on handles for Waffle Boards, recovery tracks and tool chests, and ammo boxes.

Like all our webbing products, our Heavy-Duty Grab Straps are manufactured here in the UK to the highest possible standard and we ONLY ever use British Made Webbing!

Supplied individually in our Black 25mm webbing, fitted with black powder-coated brackets at each end, ready to bolt straight in! Bolt hole diameter is 12mm but they can be used with smaller diameter bolts and countersunk washers. This method is popular on interior Grab Handles, where as Tool/Ammo boxes can use larger bolts.

Approx. length from bracket hole centres: 265mm They are designed longer so they arch out to create hand space to get a firm hold of them.

(Special one off lengths and other colours are available, so please call or email us for prices to discuss your needs).


Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 295 × 39 × 14 mm


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