SOFT HOOKS (Pack of 2)



Webbing Soft Hooks

One of our in house designs, is the clever paint and bodywork saving Webbing Soft Hooks.

When you need to use ratchet strap hooks on painted or plated roof racks, ATV or Adventure Motorcycle luggage racks or handlebars, our Soft Hooks are an ideal solution.

Simply wrap the soft hook webbing strap around the frame, foot peg hangers or handlebars and fasten your ratchet straps metal hook through the Soft Hook loops. This keeps the hooks well away from painted and coated surfaces.

Perfect for securing motorcycles on trailers or in vans where you need to apply ratchet strap tension on expensive painted and plated frames and handlebars.

Protect your pride & joy now. No more chipped or scratched swinging arms, foot peg hangers or expensive handlebars.

Manufactured here in the UK for superior strength and quality, using our super tough 25mm 2000kg rated Webbing.


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