Spacecase® Modular 550 Series BG0550550250


SpaceCase Modular 550 Storage & Transit case.

Military spec’ cases with sizes suitable for 4x4s, pick ups, ATV’s and expedition trucks. Also suitable for marine and aviation use.Perfect for use as Roof Rack boxes, pickup truck storage cases or expedition trailers.
Ideal for weekend camping to full on expeditions and from contractors vehicles to construction sites.

With almost 50 sizes to choose from call or email us with your size requirements.



Spacecase® Modular 550 Series BG0550550250

The Spacecase® Modular 550 series are made from high strength UV stabilised polyethylene material and fitted with zinc plate heavy duty hinges, lockable latches and heavy duty carry handles as standard. For comfort when carrying loaded cases each handle has a soft super grip rubber sleeve which also enables a sure grip when wet or muddy.

They are lightweight and due to their clever lid & base design, they are stackable. Their high strength structure offers excellent protection against harsh environmental conditions and rugged handling. They are highly durable, impervious to most chemicals and moisture and will not dent or rust. Spacecase® Storage Containers are produced under the guidelines of DEF(AUST) 1000(C) standards, meaning all their standard built in features are suitable for military use.  How hard will you push them…???

Use them to store dry and canned foods, cooking equipment, tools and vehicle spares, clothes etc.etc.


Additional information

Dimensions 550 × 550 × 250 mm


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