Spacecase Modular BG1100550670




Spacecase Modular BG1100550670

1100mm x 550mm x 670mm

Super tough Storage & Transit case from the World famous Australian company producing cases suitable for the harsh Aussie outback and as used by the Australian Army to ship weapons & ammunition.

These cases are made from a high grade UV stabilised material and every single case is fit with Zinc plate heavy duty hinges, lockable latches and handles. To reduce hand fatigue when carrying, each handle has a heavy duty but soft grip rubberized sleeve making handling these cases simple even when wet or muddy and whether operated by a gloved or non gloved hand.

Built to last in the toughest environments on the planet, the Spacecase range of boxes are ideal for weekend camping, Expeditions, construction and so much more.

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Additional information

Weight 21.00 kg
Dimensions 1100 × 550 × 670 mm


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