ZARGES EUROBOX 40709 Aluminium Expedition Box.

The Mighty 40709 EUROBOX from Zarges, this is the “BIG ONE”!!

The ZARGES universal case. With cleverly thought-out system accessories, the best solution for packing, storage and transportation.

  • Stackable aluminium universal container.
  • Lid with stainless steel hinge and alround seal.
  • Fitted with two sturdy lid holding straps.
  • Blue stacking corners of impact-resistant plastic.
  • Edge, lid and base profile frames made of solid profile sections.
  • Profile-section joints fully welded.
  • Corner beads for additional dimensional stability.
  • Snap fasteners. Can be secured with a plug lock, lead seals, spring anti-opening feature or a padlock (max. shackle thickness 6 mm).
  • Ergonomic heavy-duty sprung drop handles.
  • Clearance dimensions approx. 30 mm less than inside dimensions.
  • Matched to pallet dimensions according to DIN 15141.
  • Order No. 40700 is fitted with a handle on the lid.
  • Order No. 40709 is fitted with 2 handles on each end face.
  • Order Nos. 40701 and 40710 are fitted with 3 handles.
Model no. Int. length (mm) Int. width (mm) Int. height (mm) Ext. length (mm) Ext. width (mm) Ext. height (mm) Volume (Liter) Weight (kg)
40709 40709 1150 750 480 1200 800 510 414 13


Additional information

Weight 13.00 kg
Dimensions 1200 × 800 × 510 mm


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