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Continuing our ever growing number of BLUNT FORCE PRODUCTS aimed at Sport, Enduro, MX, Adventure Motorcycle & ATV riders, we are extremely pleased to announce two brand new products…

Both are designed for Bike/ATV transportation, whether in a van, on a trailer or on a ferry.

First, is our Motorcycle Tie Down Strap. Made from our super heavy duty British Made webbing, rated at 2000kgs and fit with one of our 800kgs rated steel cam buckles. (ratchets are also available, but please note, over tensioning with ratchets can damage fork seals).

The straps have coated steel hooks at each end, but the clever part is the top end… This has an additional extended length of webbing stitched in with a loop in the end. This means when it comes to attaching the strap to your bike, you don’t need to place the hook anywhere near your handle bar controls and cables, coated frame, foot peg hangers or painted swinging arm. You simply wrap the extra length of strap around your bike and bring it back down and on to the hook, then tension and Voila!

The image shows a customers BMW motorcycle on a Brittany’s ferry, secured down using the above mentioned strap from the engine bar down to the ships tie down steel cable. The extended webbing loop can be seen wrapped around the engine bar and the steel hook well away from the bike.

The Second new product is also aimed at bike transportation.


The strap secures the front brake lever pulled in tight to the handlebar to prevent the bike rolling back or forth at all.

It is fully adjustable and locks in place at the desired setting via our heavy duty Industrial hook & loop Velcro webbing. the Velcro is stitched to a length of our 1200kg rated webbing.

As with all our Blunt Force Products, they are not designed to fail after a matter of months, they are designed to last you year after year and even bike after bike!!

For custom made webbing products please enquire. We specialise in one off Webbing items catering for your exact needs, from Webbing straps to Webbing Nets.



Image supplied courtesy of: I. Nicholson – Preston, UK