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Heavy Duty Bonnet Nets

One of our best selling products is our  BLUNT FORCE PRODUCTS  Heavy Duty Bonnet Nets custom made for ANY make or model vehicle.

British designed & British manufactured using seriously Heavy Duty materials, these pieces of kit don’t just look good, they have multi roll purposes and are built for the harshest environments around the world.

Perfect for green laning and pay & play sites for securing your recovery straps on ready “just in case”! If your in deep water or in a mud hole keep your recovery strap attached to your recovery points and coiled up on your bonnet, ready for a clean, no nonsense speedy rescue! No fumbling under water to attach your straps and shackles to your recovery points, just grab your strap and go!

Don’t put wet and muddy used straps back in your vehicle, keep them out side where they can stay ready to use again or until your ready to rinse them off at the end of a hard days play.

Also great for winching and ‘pre-spooling’ out your line, simply attach to your bonnet net so its ready to go when you need it.

Each Bonnet Net is fitted with Heavy Duty securing points to lash down your gear.

Used by camping, over landing and expedition parties all over the world, our Heavy Duty Bonnet Nets are great for securing extra cargo and equipment giving you speedy access where required. Secure your solar shower bags to them for a great hot shower at the end of a long day when out in wilds or after that swim in the sea to cool off.

Making driving safer, they eliminate ‘bonnet glare’ caused by the sun reflecting off your paintwork and up into your eyes!

Available for ANY make and model and in a selection of colours and designs to suit you needs.

For more detailed information see our various Bonnet Net designs in our WEBBING CARGO NET category, or call us to discuss them and see how we can custom make one just for you and your vehicle’s needs.


BLUNT FORCE PRODUCTS is a  ROCK N ROAD 4X4  owned brand.