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Making Life Saving Faster & Safer

We are proud to have recently help kit out an English Mountain Rescue Team with our specialist products in four of their vehicles, to make securing and accessing their equipment as rapid and safe as possible.

Using our proven designs and extreme materials and hardware, we were able to offer a simple solution for several pieces of equipment both inside and outside of their various vehicles, to help shave valuable seconds and potentially minutes off critical life saving call-outs, whilst making it safer for the teams whilst travelling at speed on or off road.

We never compromise on quality, which means if our kit is on any vehicle from Military to Law Enforcement, or Rescue to Race or Overland Expedition, it is the exact same materials.

When extreme end users operating in extreme conditions require the very best in cargo control, they use BLUNT FORCE PRODUCTS by ROCK N ROAD 4X4 LTD.

British Design, British Made, British Materials.