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OK, now we are back from our 2 week Product testing and development trip it’s time to share with you all our findings whether good or bad.

We sell all our gear as we feel it is the very best available following our research in selection. Now we have taken a selection of our products and put them through  their paces during a 14day 3,300 mile road trip over 5 countries.

The results will be displayed here for all to read and as a new post with a new product is added, you will still be able to go back over the previous ones by scrolling through them so the info is always there.

Now before you start thinking this is just another test written by a company using it as a excuse to advertise their gear, think again… As a supplier it would be easy to show the most expensive item from each range and try to convince you that this is the only one in the range to consider. That’s just not our style. We are offering real life tests in real life situations where the reality means testing from the lower end of the product range is just as important.

First up on test is from the awesome,specialist lighting instrument company, LED Lenser.

On our trip we took 2 of LED Lenser’s very small but extremely mighty lighting instruments, the H3 Headlamp(£29.95) and the K3 key ring torch (£13.50). Both products were mind blowing!

First is the H3 Head lamp.


This piece of kit is brilliant! The exceptional brightness of modern High-performance LEDs has a drawback… an unpleasant dazzling effect if you are trying to read by LED light.

Led Lenser have developed a potentiometer (dimmer) that is part of the battery pack and provides optimal brightness management by simply adjusting the control switch with its infinite settings. Additionally, the lamp has been cleverly designed to swivel within a 90 degree angle enabling the light to be angled just where it is required.

We used ours from reading and settling down in the tent at night, to finding our way back to our vehicle in the dark at a huge campsite, to putting the camping gear back up in the attic.

The result of testing this head torch is that we feel its absolutely perfect for camping trips where you need close up and distance lighting due to its adjustable dimmer. The three super bright LEDs provided ample lighting for all our hands free needs.

The H3 has a 31 metre range, 62 hour burn time (on lowest setting) and a 60 lumens output. At only £29.95 its a mega bright lighting unit at a very good price.


Second on test is the very handy LED Lenser K3 Key ring torch.


This is another very small item in the overall range but it packs a big punch!

Weighing a mere 34 g and measuring less than 7 cms, this lamp may be called small but its efficiency and light output are gigantic. 15 lumens output give a 33 metre beam distance.

The K3 features the Blue Moon Focus System. A blue circle surrounds the homogenous light cone that is created when the blue in the light spectrum is forced to the edges in order to deliver a brighter whiter beam of light.

Now this torch has been on long term test at Rock N Road 4×4, not just on our trip. It is a personal torch of mine that has proved itself time and time again even when up against other larger torches from “other” brands.

On our trip it came along for sure. I have used it at home countless times and like a trusty American Express card, I wasn’t leaving home without it!

Although a small unit, the beam of light from the K3 is very bright but controlling this beam is possible by sliding the head of the torch back or forth, to change from concentrated spotlight to a wider less intense spread of light.

This proved extremely handy when on spotlight when illuminating small road signs at our side when driving through Frances many sleepy villages, to map reading in the car on wide beam following a melt down of our sat nav.

LED Lensers entire range of torches excel at light output from the size of unit being used. We deliberately tested these two torches to show just how good a small unit is even at the lower end of the price range.

Needless to say, the higher up the range you go, the greater the lighting instruments become. It’s little wonder our top end units are used by professional Search & Rescue units and even regular size hand torches are used by British & German Police forces, and our Dive torches are used by professional divers the world over!

On our tests we could find no faults with either unit.

If you have any questions on any of our LED Lenser lighting range check out our shop or please feel free to give us a call for further information.