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Lyndon Poskitt Racing Support Vehicle Roof Rack Net

Working closely with Lyndon Poskitt, we designed a net to secure his race wheels, tyres and other equipment firmly in place on his race support vehicle whilst in transit to the Merzouga Rally, Africa.

This was no ordinary job… Not only did the gear under the webbing cargo net need to be pinned down securely, it also had to protect the tyres from exposure to harmful African UV rays.  To offer the UV protection we stitched in a sheet of heavy duty PVC to the underside of the net. This also kept prying eyes off the valuable load whilst travelling through ports and rest areas.

To really add to the webbing cargo nets duties, the design meant that as the race progressed and tyres were being used, the cargo net had to be adjustable to secure the load from maximum height of a full compliment of tyres down to an almost flat load of the other equipment being carried.

To top it all off, Lyndon’s support vehicle was a 4×4 and had to be driven off road at various race stages, so the webbing cargo net had to be capable of pinning everything down to eliminate any movement over off road rough terrain as well as highway speeds on tarmac.

Following a couple of visits to Lyndon Poskitt Racing’s HQ we worked out the best design with Lyndon to enable all of the above requirements.

We were able to create the perfect solution to all of Lyndon’s roof rack net needs and just for good measure we made the cargo nets PVC backing sheet in a deep blue to suit LPR’S Race Team colours!

For inside the LPR support vehicle, we also supplied various cargo control products from our strap range to secure different shape and size equipment to existing storage compartments plus creating an overhead ceiling storage area too.