Anchor Plate – Webbing Nets & Straps



Anchor Plate – Webbing Nets & Straps

Our Anchor Plates for webbing nets & straps are the ideal way to secure our webbing cargo nets to your vehicle.

They are designed to take flat 25mm webbing or folded 30, 40 or 50mm webbing.

Each Anchor Plate has a protective black coating and has an 11.5mm securing bolt hole to fasten down to your vehicles bodywork.  To ease in fitting or removing straps once the anchor plate is bolted down, each plate has an approx 35 degree dog leg bend in it. This allows the plate to remain in place even if the straps or nets are removed.

A perfect example of these anchor plates in use, is in our Webbing cargo Net image of the Overhead Stowage Net. Each securing strap around the edge of the net is fastened through an anchor plate mounted to the vehicles substrate behind the head lining.

Depending on your application and needs, these anchor plates can be mounted to the interior or exterior of your vehicle.

Great for interior load space areas, Pick Up Truck load beds, Roof Racks and Trailers.

In fact, anywhere you want to secure any webbing net or straps in or on your vehicle.

Additional information

Weight 0.37 kg
Dimensions 47 × 38 × 4 mm


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