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Mountain Rescue Cargo Nets…

One of our proudest moments was being approached by NEWSAR, North East Wales Search & Rescue to design and supply some of our mil-spec webbing cargo nets.

The nets we supplied for their vehicles had to be tough enough to stop heavy bags and equipment from entering the passenger compartment during emergency braking or an off road incident/roll over.

For us, this is a pretty standard item of Cargo Control kit as all our webbing cargo nets are over engineered to easily manage the task required.

In addition, the Welsh Mountain Rescue Team also required the net to be quickly removed for converting their Land Rover 110s into Ambulance mode for the transfer of stretcher patients. For this, we supplied some of our high strength quick release fasteners, each one rated to over 1800kgs! To save on possible life saving time when removing the nets and for ease, we attached the fasteners to the straps so they were an integral part. By using some high strength adjusters too, this means the nets can be fit, tensioned or removed in seconds and by gloved hands during winter.

It was a great pleasure working with Colin from NEWSAR and we look forward to supplying them again with some more of our products in the near future.

To see the great work these guys do visit their website: and remember, its all voluntary and funded off donations from us, the public!

Whether outdoor activity you’re into or just in the wrong place at the wrong time, Mountain Rescue Teams around the UK are ready to drop whatever they’re doing at a moments notice regardless of time, weather or environment and are on their way to help us out. Placing themselves in harms way and often working alongside the Paid Emergency services and the Royal Air Force Search & Rescue helicopters, the MRT members are the true unsung heroes.