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Mountain Rescue Cargo Nets…

One of our proudest moments was being approached by NEWSAR, North East Wales Search & Rescue to design and supply some of our mil-spec webbing cargo nets.

The nets we supplied for their vehicles had to be tough enough to stop heavy bags and equipment from entering the passenger compartment during emergency braking or an off road incident/roll over.

For us, this is a pretty standard item of Cargo Control kit as all our webbing cargo nets are over engineered to easily manage the task required.

In addition, the Welsh Mountain Rescue Team also required the net to be quickly removed for converting their Land Rover 110s into Ambulance mode for the transfer of stretcher patients. For this, we supplied some of our high strength quick release fasteners, each one rated to over 1800kgs! To save on possible life saving time when removing the nets and for ease, we attached the fasteners to the straps so they were an integral part. By using some high strength adjusters too, this means the nets can be fit, tensioned or removed in seconds and by gloved hands during winter.

It was a great pleasure working with Colin from NEWSAR and we look forward to supplying them again with some more of our products in the near future.

To see the great work these guys do visit their website: and remember, its all voluntary and funded off donations from us, the public!

Whether outdoor activity you’re into or just in the wrong place at the wrong time, Mountain Rescue Teams around the UK are ready to drop whatever they’re doing at a moments notice regardless of time, weather or environment and are on their way to help us out. Placing themselves in harms way and often working alongside the Paid Emergency services and the Royal Air Force Search & Rescue helicopters, the MRT members are the true unsung heroes.


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At ROCK N ROAD 4X4 we are extremely proud to be the supplier of cargo control equipment to 2013 Dakar Motorcycle race team, Lyndon Poskitt Racing.

Not only has he successfully completed the gruelling World famous Dakar race, but he also competes around the world in other such events.

His latest event begins in just four days time on the 20th of October where he and fellow team mate Kurt Burroughs will be at the Merzouga Rally in Africa for a 5 day 1300km race!

As with any racer, you need your Race Support Vehicle (RSV) to transport the obvious race vehicle(s) but also all the additional equipment such as spare parts, tyres, tools and a whole host of associated kit.

When it came to the safe transportation of race tyres, Lyndon needed something to securely keep them pinned down on his roof rack whilst travelling on & off road, but also to protect them against the harmful UV rays beating down on them as they travel and race through the hottest continent in the world!

During our initial consultation, Lyndon explained what he would like and we suggested various options available to him. It was then a case of creating the perfect product using our combined thoughts. In fairness, my job was made easy here as BAE Engineer Lyndon, provided a detailed drawing of how he wanted it to look. It was then a case of carefully selecting the best materials for this particular project. We also drew on our experience having made a very similar product for a fleet of armoured vehicles on peace keeping duties in the middle east.

The result was one of our world famous ROCK N ROAD 4X4 Webbing Cargo Nets with a heavy duty but lightweight coated laminate sheet stitched to it along its entire contact area to the net.

This method enables the tyres and other equipment to be secured firmly in place without deforming them under the high stress loading points as found when using individual ropes and straps.

The sheet not only protects the tyres from harmful UV rays, but it also helps prevent unwanted eyes checking out your gear!

The cover is then secured to the Support Vehicles roof rack using a series of heavy duty fasteners enabling fast attach/release and tensioning.

The overall size of the net was 4mtrs x nearly 3mtrs making it quite a large item. That said, we do offer our cargo nets in ANY size & ANY shape!!

As with ALL our webbing Cargo Nets & Straps, Lyndon’s cover was produced here in the UK by ROCK N ROAD 4X4s BS EN ISO:9001 production team.

Also supplied to Lyndon Poskitt Racing was some our military spec bungee cords used to secure kit inside his Support Vehicle and Rescue Tape stowed in the bikes tool kit for emergency hose & electrical repairs.


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Non Stop Weekend at ROCK N ROAD 4X4…

Having been flat out busy this weekend we have managed to increase our new websites stock from 63 to 91 products!

There are still well over 150 new and exciting specialist products yet to find their way on to our site so bear with us and keep checking back to see what’s recently arrived.

To aid in product selection we have added a Price slide bar on the left of the screen so you can choose both minimum and maximum prices, as well as a drop down menu box at the bottom of the screen for selecting items by price or alphabetical order.

As we are still filling our products pages and categories, please feel free to call or email us with any product enquiries if you can not see exactly what you are looking for.

What you can see to date is just the tip of the iceberg of what’s yet to come.