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To the Rescue of Welsh Mountain Rescue Team…

We were recently approached by one of the Welsh Mountain Rescue teams to design & supply some nets for their Land Rover Defender 110 Search & Rescue vehicles.

Pictured is just one of the nets we supplied to prevent their emergency rescue equipment from entering the front passenger/driver compartment whilst driving on & off road. Our nets will ensure their heavy equipment remains in the rear safely away from team members during emergency breaking, crossing rough terrain or in the event of a roll over.

The nets had to be quick release to save valuable life saving seconds, when the vehicles are being used as off road ambulances for stretcher patients.

Working with their Kit Officer, we designed and produced some of our world famous BS EN ISO9001 Webbing Cargo Nets, super fast tensioning system and quick release mechanisms. The overall design was done in such a way that the nets can be fit and tensioned or removed single handed to aid during the fast pace of an emergency situation. Due to the cold and often freezing conditions the rescue team operate in, we also made them useable by gloved hands.

To aid in supplying the nets by a tight deadline we were pleased to hand deliver them to ensure they were ready to fit and use at once.

It was a pleasure and privilege to know that our products were being supplied & used in such Emergency Search & Rescue vehicles.

We can design & supply Mil-Spec BS EN ISO 9001 Webbing Cargo Nets for ANY vehicle.

We also produce Webbing Cargo nets and Load Restraint Systems of ANY size & ANY shape… Just email or call us for details.

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At ROCK N ROAD 4X4 we are extremely proud to be the supplier of cargo control equipment to 2013 Dakar Motorcycle race team, Lyndon Poskitt Racing.

Not only has he successfully completed the gruelling World famous Dakar race, but he also competes around the world in other such events.

His latest event begins in just four days time on the 20th of October where he and fellow team mate Kurt Burroughs will be at the Merzouga Rally in Africa for a 5 day 1300km race!

As with any racer, you need your Race Support Vehicle (RSV) to transport the obvious race vehicle(s) but also all the additional equipment such as spare parts, tyres, tools and a whole host of associated kit.

When it came to the safe transportation of race tyres, Lyndon needed something to securely keep them pinned down on his roof rack whilst travelling on & off road, but also to protect them against the harmful UV rays beating down on them as they travel and race through the hottest continent in the world!

During our initial consultation, Lyndon explained what he would like and we suggested various options available to him. It was then a case of creating the perfect product using our combined thoughts. In fairness, my job was made easy here as BAE Engineer Lyndon, provided a detailed drawing of how he wanted it to look. It was then a case of carefully selecting the best materials for this particular project. We also drew on our experience having made a very similar product for a fleet of armoured vehicles on peace keeping duties in the middle east.

The result was one of our world famous ROCK N ROAD 4X4 Webbing Cargo Nets with a heavy duty but lightweight coated laminate sheet stitched to it along its entire contact area to the net.

This method enables the tyres and other equipment to be secured firmly in place without deforming them under the high stress loading points as found when using individual ropes and straps.

The sheet not only protects the tyres from harmful UV rays, but it also helps prevent unwanted eyes checking out your gear!

The cover is then secured to the Support Vehicles roof rack using a series of heavy duty fasteners enabling fast attach/release and tensioning.

The overall size of the net was 4mtrs x nearly 3mtrs making it quite a large item. That said, we do offer our cargo nets in ANY size & ANY shape!!

As with ALL our webbing Cargo Nets & Straps, Lyndon’s cover was produced here in the UK by ROCK N ROAD 4X4s BS EN ISO:9001 production team.

Also supplied to Lyndon Poskitt Racing was some our military spec bungee cords used to secure kit inside his Support Vehicle and Rescue Tape stowed in the bikes tool kit for emergency hose & electrical repairs.


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Our Bespoke Webbing Cargo Nets and Webbing Straps are now available for even more vehicles, makes & models than ever before.

As some of our customers are not completely aware of our entire range and what we can produce, we are listing just some of them below to raise their awareness.

All our nets and straps are manufactured here in UK by our BS ISO9001 prodution team. We use Military-Specification fittings and in certain cases use life dependant components found on over head safety harnesses and from the aviation industry. Each product is carefuuly designed and in most cases they are over engineered so as not to fail when you are counting on them in any situation from muddy field to battle field!!!

Webbing Cargo Nets available for vehicle inetrior and exterior applications ranging from adventure motorcycles to expedition trucks including 4×4 SUVs & Unimogs.

These include:

  • Ceiling nets – securing light weight bulky items like pillows, sleeping bags, roll mats, coats etc in the overhead void in the cargo area.
  • Loadspace nets – securing heavy or large loads preventing movement during off-road travel, expeditions or Asda trips! (other supermarkets are available)
  • Door and window nets – great for creating additional storage areas on the inside of your vehicle doors and rear windows in expedition vehicles.
  • Panel nets – great for creating a storage space on a panel for example the rear side of a 3door 4×4 or van.
  • Seat storage nets – secured to the rear of seats, these nets create great areas for coats or bags, Maps etc.
  • Roof rack nets – Made to any size and shape, even to fit specific roof top boxes & sparewheels or to completely secure a roof rack full of various size and shape items.
  • Bonnet nets – great for feeding recovery straps & ropes through or strapping on to, winch remote cables, bags, tools, “road-kill”!!!
  • Tailgate nets – externally for recovery straps/ropes, internally for securing recovery gear, coats, camping gear etc.
  • Pick-up trucks – tailgate removal for considerably lowering drag resistance whilst keeping loads secure.
  • Pick-up truck loadbed nets – to secure all your work or camping/leisure gear under. Prevents quick snatch n grabs!
  • Motorcycles – luggage racks top box/pannier nets for additional larger items like tents, folding chairs our waterproof bags etc.
  • Motorcycles – fuel tank nets for bulky light weight items. nets available with backing sheet to protect paintwork.
  • Quads/ATV’s – front and rear luggage rack nets, nets for pre-fit storage boxes, passenger seat nets.
  • Expedition trucks – cab roof nets, cupboard storage area, ceiling nets cab nets.

Our nets can be made to any shape or size (up to 10sqm) with any size mesh. We can use heavy duty webbing or seatbelt webbing and can make them from 18, 25, 50 or 75mm widths.

Colours range from Black, Red, Mid Blue, Navy Blue, Green, Yellow or Orange.

We also supply a full selection of hardware to attach your net to any loaction inside or out of your vehicle.

In most cases, nets are installed in a matter of minutes, and all are fast and simple to remove/refit and adjust.

They can be waashed by machine (make sure to remove all metal hardware) at low temp or by hand, or even by simply hosing down or powerwashing. They are heavy duty and will withstand a good blasting. Any external nets can be left on when powerwashing your vehicle after a days off-roading!

We can produce a net from your dimensions sent to us, drawings supplied by you with measurements, or we may already have a net in stock or oin our records from a previous order which we can  refer to. In certain cases, depending on distance, we can come out to you to discuss your needs and measure up your vehicle. This depends on available staff and distance. There is a very small charge for this service which can sometimes be deducted from the final cost of the net.

To see a small selection of just some of the nets we have already made, please see our Cargo Net listing in our Products, and also in our Galleries.

For further information or to discuss a bespoke heavy duty net for your vehicle, please get in touch with us using any of our details found by clicking on the CONTACTS tab on the right of the tool bar. Advice and information is free!