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To the Rescue of Welsh Mountain Rescue Team…

We were recently approached by one of the Welsh Mountain Rescue teams to design & supply some nets for their Land Rover Defender 110 Search & Rescue vehicles.

Pictured is just one of the nets we supplied to prevent their emergency rescue equipment from entering the front passenger/driver compartment whilst driving on & off road. Our nets will ensure their heavy equipment remains in the rear safely away from team members during emergency breaking, crossing rough terrain or in the event of a roll over.

The nets had to be quick release to save valuable life saving seconds, when the vehicles are being used as off road ambulances for stretcher patients.

Working with their Kit Officer, we designed and produced some of our world famous BS EN ISO9001 Webbing Cargo Nets, super fast tensioning system and quick release mechanisms. The overall design was done in such a way that the nets can be fit and tensioned or removed single handed to aid during the fast pace of an emergency situation. Due to the cold and often freezing conditions the rescue team operate in, we also made them useable by gloved hands.

To aid in supplying the nets by a tight deadline we were pleased to hand deliver them to ensure they were ready to fit and use at once.

It was a pleasure and privilege to know that our products were being supplied & used in such Emergency Search & Rescue vehicles.

We can design & supply Mil-Spec BS EN ISO 9001 Webbing Cargo Nets for ANY vehicle.

We also produce Webbing Cargo nets and Load Restraint Systems of ANY size & ANY shape… Just email or call us for details.