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Our ROCK N ROAD 4X4 Webbing Cargo Nets are just as useful on the outside of your vehicle as they are on the inside.

Many customers use them externally on roof racks, trailers and bonnets. However, these nets are equally at home securing loads down in your vehicles boot space or load bed.

This superbly designed CEILING MOUNTED WEBBING CARGO NET allows you to maximise your load space particularly in 4×4 SUV type vehicles, vans, campers and expedition trucks where high up space is often wasted and not used.

Our Ceiling Nets fasten to your vehicles ceiling allowing the stowage of light weight bulky items such as lightweight tents, sleeping bags, roll mats, air mattresses, pillows or coats.

When not in use, or with one or two coats the net is at its highest position. If you need to add more items simply adjust the straps to suit so the load space is increased whilst always being pulled upwards to minimise the space being used.

The image shows a Ceiling Net mounted in our own Land Cruiser whilst on our recent 14day European Road Test.

We transported our pop up tent, sleeping bags, 2x air mattresses, 2x roll mats and pillows as well as coats up in our net keeping them out of harms way on the load space floor amongst heavier objects.

As soon as we arrived at a campsite we could very quickly open the tailgate, grab our tent and sleeping gear and set up camp in 5 minutes without disturbing other equipment and searching under other gear.

When it came time to pack up we simply reloaded the gear, tightened the two rear most straps and we were ready to go in a couple of minutes.

On our trip we had no issues what so ever with the design or function of our net. Now back home all the camping gear is out but the net is used every single day to store our coats up and out the way of the load space.

If we use our coats in the rain, when we get back to our Cruiser, we simply hang our coats from our net to air out rather than throwing a wet coat into the load space on top of each other not getting chance to thoroughly dry.

In terms of what was the best single item we took on our trip… It really would be a toss up between this net or the Ironman Fridge. The fridge saved us fortunes on our trip (read the product test) but the net remains in our Cruiser and is still used every single day of the year. Its a really tough call, so I’m going to give these two items a Joint 1st place.

See our Ceiling Net in our Webbing Cargo Net product category.

We design our nets in house so we can work with you to design a net just for you/your vehicle and your needs.

Please call for further details or to discuss your stowage needs.