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We are proud to announce we are now suppliers of Quick Fist Clamps here in the UK.

The Quick Fist Clamps come in a variety of shapes & sizes and enable you to secure items as small as a pen torch or as large as a SCUBA tank, full size fire extinguisher or 20ltr Jerry Can!

Due to their super fast secure & release design, the Quick Fist Rubber Clamps are perfect for securing emergency items like torches, Life Hammers and Fire Extinguishers in your vehicle for a speedy deployment.

As used by Fire Departments & other Emergency Services World wide, the Quick Fist Rubber Clamps are recognised as being the best system for securing all manner of items safely and securely whether in an emergency vehicle or back at base on the tool wall.

Their super strength in gripping items means the right combination can even support loads as heavy as 46kgs (100lbs)

Quick to fit, even Quicker to use!

Check out our full range by selecting “QUICK FIST CLAMPS” in our left hand menu or by selecting our SHOP tab above.