Webbing Bonnet Nets LAND CRUISER 80 Prices from £300 – £450


Webbing Bonnet Net “Black Ops Edition pictured” Land Cruiser 80 HDJ80 & HDJ81 (Available for all makes/models)

This Bonnet Net is a piece of exceptionally Heavy Duty kit! Manufactured from Heavy Duty British Made webbing and using some of the best Technical Textiles and fittings available.

The Main net is made from 50mm webbing rated at 2000kgs, whilst the 25mm straps are rated at 1000kgs. Massively over-engineered to give you years of reliable service whether it is being used for off-roading, race, rescue or expedition.

The top sheet is Military Canvas – the exact same material used on NATO Military vehicles & “Specialist” equipment. It offers extremely high abrasion protection. The bottom backing sheet is made from a soft PVC woven, flame retardant sheet to further protect your bonnet and paintwork. The D-Rings used are the exact same ones used on equipment manufactured for the rescue services. Our securing and tensioning cam buckles are manufactured from black coated aluminium to withstand years of abuse in any weather. These are rated at 400 kg each!

Even the fitting kit (Available separately £45.00) has steel hooks we use to attach the net to your bonnet which are specially coated to protect your paint and are designed to offer a wide area of contact.

These Heavy Duty Nets really are exceptional pieces of kit and thoughtfully designed to give you many years of tough service, whether it’s being used for securing recovery straps & ropes whilst hitting the trails, or spooled out winch cables ready for speedy recovery, or for securing expedition bags and overland equipment or even a hunter’s kill. They are even suitable for military, law enforcement or rescue vehicles to provide additional rapid access storage.

All materials are waterproof and rot proof. They truly are a fit and forget product from sub-zero covered in ice and snow to scorching Saharan sunshine.  You can use your regular car shampoo and power-wash to clean it without fear of harming your net. In fact, we recommend frequent power washing off the underside to remove any trapped dust and road grit to prevent dulling of your paint.  Or simply drive it through a river!

Make no mistake, these are seriously tough, no compromise pieces of kit used worldwide in some of the harshest environments.

This is yet another mega tough, extreme, British Made product by BLUNT FORCE PRODUCTS & available only through ROCK N ROAD 4X4 LTD.

* * * Prices vary from net specs and vehicle bonnet sizes.  Please call for details for your vehicle. * * *


BLUNT FORCE PRODUCTS is a Proud British Brand of ROCK N ROAD 4X4 Ltd

* * * PLEASE NOTE: It is your responsibility to check with the laws of your country to ensure any of our products are a legal fitment.* * *

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