Expedition Bonnet/Hood Bags – Any Vehicle

Custom made vehicle bags and pouches any size for any equipment.

Contact us for more details of how we can create custom solutions for you and your vehicle.


Our Expedition Bonnet/Hood Bags are designed to give you increased load carrying capacity, or to simply to make accessing particular pieces of kit faster and easier.

Used for the stowage of camping tables and chairs, recovery equipment or any other items you do not need or want inside the load space or passenger compartment.

Designed in house working with you to create your perfect solution.

As with ALL our Blunt Force Products range, we only use the finest technical textiles to create the toughest, long lasting kit.

As used by the MoD, Defence Industry, Law Enforcement Agencies, Rescue Services, Epedition and Race Vehicles around the world.

With clients like ours, our kit has to perform over and over again in race conditions including the Dakar, Rescue situations to battle zones and on Land, Sea & Air.

Please contact us for details on your vehicle and your requirements and we will be delighted to explain all options available to custom equip your vehicle meeting your exact needs.

We also produce bags in any size from enduro and adventure bikes to 4x4s, UniMogs, Overland Trucks and all other Expedition Vehicles and for Tools to sensitive equipment.

Prices vary depending upon specifications required.

We ship worldwide using DHL, FED-EX, UPS & TNT.


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