Using our Heavy Duty 1.5tonne Min Break Webbing, we have created our 2mtr long MOTORCYCLE LUGGAGE STRAPS designed for global adventure motorcyclist, Lyndon Poskitt (see image of Lyndon using them on his own bike as he travels the world).

Our Heavy Duty Webbing and Hardware are the exact same used on our Military kit and that supplied to Law Enforcement and rescue services.

Supplied in packs of two, these straps are perfect for securing soft panniers to side racks or bags to top racks or top boxes/back seats etc.

Tested and proven by Lyndon Poskitt on his around the World trip, Races2Places. Having spent three years and over 160,000kms crossing continents and countries our straps performed perfectly securing all his kit securely in place and continue to do so. From panniers to bags and life critical supplies to spare tyres, not a single strap has failed through countless river crossings, rain, scorching hot deserts and freezing temperatures, country after country & continent after continent

Specially designed to be light weight whilst offering maximum strength and maximum abbrasion resistance.

They are resistant to sea, salt and fresh water as well as petrol, diesel, aviation fuel and many oils, grease types and certain acids.

These are Extreme Straps for Extreme Use & Abuse!


Additional information

Weight 0.149 kg
Dimensions 2000 × 25 mm