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Sir Ranulph Fiennes and Zarges Aluminium Boxes

As preparations are underway for Sir Ranulph Fiennes’s latest expedition “The Coldest Journey” he and his team will be using Zarges Aluminium Boxes as their preferred transportation cases for their food and other vital supplies.

The six-month expedition will begin as the southern winter begins placing Sir Ranulph and his team in the coldest place on earth at the coldest time of year!

With temperatures averaging -30 to -50 and dropping to a scary -90, Zarges was the chosen container brand for such a tough and hostile enviroment.

Being able to safely transport life saving equipment is not something to take lightly at the best of times let alone a trip into Antartica.

Zarges cases have been used for decades all over the world in all continents.

They have been used in peace time and war.

They carry anything and everything from food and clothing to war heads, guided missiles and sensitive electronic equipment used by countless military forces. Zarges are the preferred brand of box by the aviation industry for shipping equipment around the world and re-using them over and over for multiple trips. Zarges are also the preferred brand for transporting medical equipment, hazardous and corrosive chemicals, explosives and highly flamable products.

In fact, any where in the world where professionals work or need to transport their products Zarges is the preferred brand.

At ROCK N ROAD 4X4 LTD, we are proud to be suppliers of  Zarges boxes as our preferred brand of transportation Aluminium Boxes. For us and many professionals around the world, there are no substitutes!

Quite simply, if you want the best buy Zarges from another world class team… Zarges and ROCK N ROAD 4X4 LTD.

At present we show the Zarges “Eurobox” range on our site but we are suppliers of the entire Zarges Aluminium Boxes range.

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