Motorcycle Front Grab Strap for MX, Enduro and ADV Adventure bikes. Any Make, Any model.



Our Motorcycle Front Grab Straps are designed for all MX, Enduro and Adventure (ADV) Motorcycles, Any Make, Any Model, one strap fits all!

 NO tools required and fitted in two minutes!!

Simply feed each end around a fork leg under the Bottom Yoke and over the front mudguard and adjust to length. Boom! It’s really that simple!

The strap is manufactured from our BLUNT FORCE PRODUCTS British Made, Super Heavy Duty/Low Weight ratio, Military-Spec webbing with a 1.5 tonne minimum break so you can grab and pull as hard as you like with confidence to free your bike when stuck in mud, snow or sand, or when pulling from the front when loading onto trailers pick-ups or vans. Each strap is supplied with two Stainless Steel adjusting buckles.

Once attached simply “Grab” and pull!  If racing, it could make the difference between a win or a loss. Out with your buddies it could make the difference between a simple quick recovery or struggling pulling at slippery forks, muddy wheels or twisting, rotating handlebars.

Made in Britain, used Worldwide by World Class Racers & Adventure Riders!



Additional information

Weight 0.100 kg
Dimensions 25 mm


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